INCBA’s mission is to raise the standard of legal services available to the cannabis industry, to advocate for the lawyers’ right to represent cannabis industry participants, and to help build a solid foundation upon which the cannabis industry can sustainably thrive for years to come.

The Only Online Professional Social Network Dedicated to Cannabis Industry Attorneys!

  • Meet and mingle with cannabis attorney superstars from all over the world and others just beginning their cannabis practice.

  • Share articles and other knowledge products on the main feed or in one of our Canbar Forum® sub-groups focused around specific practice areas. Network with others in your field and share knowledge.

  • Got an idea for a knowledge product to improve the cannabis attorney practice? Post it in our Ideas section and let your peers vote it up or down. We just might use our resources to develop the webinar, document, etc.

  • Want to be a presenter on one of our CLE sessions? Come make yourself a known entity among the Canbar Forum® community and we'll know who to reach out to when we need your specific knowledge.

  • Attend our Town Halls (Ask Me Anything style sessions) where we invite preeminent cannabis attorneys as panelists willing to answer your questions on specific topics.

  • ...and much, much more.

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Meet Our Allied Partner Members

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Partner Associations

INCBA partners with other cannabis industry associations to achieve our mission.

The International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) is a global community of the most experienced legal practitioners serving the regulated cannabis industry. Our association provides the institutional knowledge and the resources that make legal representation across practice areas, jurisdictions, regulatory regimes, and borders possible in this complex and evolving industry. Our members’ shared experience and individual expertise allow INCBA to act as a hub for information, where our members exchange knowledge, resources, and insights to build a legal foundation for the evolving cannabis trade.Whether you are actively engaged in the practice of law in the cannabis industry, interested in exploring new opportunities, transitioning an existing practice, or simply ready to tackle some of the most interesting and challenging legal issues of our time, INCBA can help you navigate this new and ever-changing terrain.Become a member of the INCBA and join our global community of legal experts to keep your practice on the cutting edge of legal practice in the cannabis industry.

Membership Benefits and Annual Pricing

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Annual Attorney Rates

  • Annual Attorney Membership: $420 (popular)

  • INCBA+NCIA Annual Attorney Bundle $950 (includes 1 year membership with both organizations) (learn more)

  • Sustaining Membership: $1,200 (Includes Unlimited On-Demand CLE)

  • LIFETIME Attorney Membership: $5,000 (Includes Unlimited On-Demand CLE)

  • Young Attorney (1st & 2nd Year): $210

Specialty, Student, & Non-Practicing Attorney Rates

  • Government Attorney (requires .gov email address): $100

  • Law Professor (requires .edu email address): $100

  • Non-Practicing or Retired Attorney or Judge: $100

  • Law Student Membership: FREE

Firm Memberships

  • Firm 2: $672 (2 attorneys at a 20% discount)

  • Firm 3: $1,008 (3 attorneys at a 20% discount)

  • Firm 5: $1,570 (5 attorneys at a 25% discount)

  • Firm 8: $2,352 (8 attorneys at a 30% discount)

Each member receives the same benefits as our Annual Attorney Members. We can add an additional non-attorney account administrator at no additional charge. If interested, we recommend emailing our support line for help setting up your account properly. FYI: The person who creates the account is counted against the license plan. If you are an admin and don't want to be counted against the number of paid seats, please email our support address.

Allied Partnership

  • Flat Annual Rate: $1080 (Includes up to two members)

Membership Benefits

  • Member-only social networking events.

  • Discounted access to live virtual and in-person Continuing Legal Education programs.

  • Discounted access to the INCBArchives®, the most comprehensive on-demand library of CLE available to cannabis-industry attorneys.

  • Exclusive access to the CanBar Forum®, an online, members-only forum built to help attorneys share with, and learn from, each other.

  • Members-only publication opportunities with the INCBA Blog and industry periodicals.

  • Ability to join and lead Member Committees.

  • Discounts to the legal practice tools you need to run a successful cannabis-industry law practice, including:

  • 20% off a paid subscription to New Frontier Data’s Equio platform.

  • 15% off Clio service.

  • 10% discount on a JD Supra account.

  • Discount membership to the National Cannabis Industry Association.

  • INCBA members receive a 15 month Cannabis News Hub subscription for the price of 12. Contact Samantha Hobbs, Sr. Marketing Associate, to sign up.

  • And more!


NCIA Seedling + INCBA Annual Attorney Joint Membership

The International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) and the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) both play an integral role in the cannabis industry and we are proud to announce that we are offering a bundled membership that provides new members the opportunity to join both organizations at a significant discount over joining each organization separately.

Individual Attorney$420 Annually$1,000 Seedling*$950 for 1st Year

*Joint memberships will renew annually at a discount rate.

Meet the Team

Nastasia Mora
Interim Executive Director

With over a decade of marketing expertise, Nastasia is a seasoned connoisseur with a fervor for strategic planning, branding, and creative campaigning. She is dedicated to nurturing the growth of INCBA's thriving community, one strategic move at a time.

Jim Canto

Aligning technology and information systems with INCBA’s mission and goals. Jim’s work bridges the gap between internal systems and customer-facing technology. Low-Code/No-Code Tech-savvy "Professional Opportunist" with an empathetic disposition and a problem-solving mindset.

The International Cannabis Bar Association

INCBA was founded in 2015 in San Francisco, California by a group of visionary attorneys who recognized the absence of a professional association for attorneys who practiced cannabis law. Since then, INCBA has become the world's leading resource for cannabis law education, and community.Our purpose is "to educate and connect cannabis industry lawyers for the purpose of providing excellent, ethical, and advanced legal assistance to this growing industry."We accomplish this by:

  • Producing top-tier educational programs accredited for continuing legal education (CLE) credit, including our seminal annual Cannabis Law Institutesm;

  • Maintaining a robust library of resources to facilitate the practice of cannabis law, available only to our members;

  • Facilitating an ethics hotline and other resources to help attorneys navigate the complex ethical rules applicable to the industry;

  • Advocating for improvements in law and policy that legalize cannabis and clarify the legal landscape applicable to our members and their clients;

  • Hosting engaging social events for members and stakeholders throughout the globe; and

  • Supporting the development of future cannabis lawyers.

Originally established as the National Cannabis Bar Association, the organization was rebranded as the International Cannabis Bar Association in 2019 to reflect the global nature of the cannabis industry and the expansion of our membership and programming beyond the United States. We invite you to learn more about INCBA by taking a stroll through the rest of our website, joining or becoming a sponsor, and becoming an active part of our community.

INCBA Customer, Member and Speaker Account Login

Customers, Members, and Speakers account management.

  • Access discounted member pricing for CLE and Event purchases.

  • Manage Membership Payments and Payment Methods

  • Edit Your Public Profile and/or Speaker Profile

  • Manage Previous Purchases

  • Access/Attend CLE Programing here

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2023-2025 Board of Directors

Click each to view board member details in our directory.

INCBA President
Jason Horst
Managing Partner
Horst Legal Counsel, PC

INCBA VP of Operations
Andrea Steel
The Banks Law Firm, P.A.

INCBA VP of Strategic Planning
David Ruskin
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

INCBA Secretary
Meital Manzuri
Managing Partner
Manzuri Law

INCBA Treasurer
Lauren Rudick
Managing Principal
Rudick Law Group, PLLC

INCBA VP of Legal Education
Jessica McElfresh
Founder and Principal
McElfresh Law, Inc.

Zachary Kobrin
Saul Ewing LLP

Shay Gilmore
Attorney at Law
The Law Office
of Shay Aaron Gilmore

Katy Young
Managing Partner
Ad Astra Law Group, LLP

Marie Sanchez
Lawyer & Founder
Nooa Avocats

Jana Weltzin
Attorney | Founder
JDW Counsel

Amber Littlejohn
Of Counsel
Ice Miller LLP

Richard Cheng
Ritter Spencer Cheng PLLC

Marialle A. Bell
Attorney at Law
The Law Office of Marialle A. Bell, LLC

Kellie Rivera
Sr. Counsel & VP Corporate Affairs
The Cannabist Company f/k/a Columbia Care

Fatima Afia
Rudick Law Group, PLLC

2023-2025 Advisory Board

David Feldman
Managing Partner
Feldman Legal Advisors PLLC

Neil Kaufman
Managing Partner
Kaufman McGowan PLLC

Ian Stewart
Chair of National
Cannabis Law Practice
Wilson Elser

Joseph Segilia
Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Jonathan Robbins
Chair, Cannabis Practice Group
Akerman LLP

Lara Decaro
Leland, Parachini, Steinberg, Matzger and Melnick

Lee Berger
Sole Member and Owner
Oregon CannaBusiness
Compliance Counsel, LLC

Mary Shapiro
Managing Director
Evoke Law, PC

Michael Drumke
Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP

Mitzi Vaughn
Karr Tuttle Campbell

Shabnam Malek
Chief Legal Officer
Nuka Enterprises, LLC

Amanda Conley
Conley Law

Christopher J. Davis
Former Executive Director

Courtney Moran
Founding Principal

Sherri Altshuler
Aird & Berlis LLP

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Elevate your style and show your support with our exclusive collection of t-shirt and beanie. Designed with comfort and quality in mind, our merch is a perfect way to represent INCBA wherever you go!

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